SCALA and Spark-Shell REPL not starting in Itversity lab



When i try to start the Scala REPL shell i get the following error

bash: scala: command not found

Also when try to open Spark shell , I am getting the below error, please fix asap,

17/11/22 11:54:27 ERROR SparkUI: Failed to bind SparkUI Address already in use: Service ‘SparkUI’ failed after 16 retries! Consider explicitly setting the appropriate port for the service ‘SparkUI’ (for example spark.ui.port for SparkUI) to an available port or increasing spark.port.maxRetries.


spark-shell --conf spark.ui.port=22344 spark.port.maxRetries=100 --master yarn-client

you can try any port number between range 10000 to 60000

mark as solved if you are able to launch spark shell or else let us know the status


I am able to launch spark-shell now.

But still scala REPL is not working.


@ramasamisuresh try launch scala now and let us know the staus