Scala merger and combiner


we have been given below code snippet (calculating an average
score}, with intermediate output.
type ScoreCollector = (Int, Double)
type PersonScores = (String, (Int, Double))
val initialScores = Array((“Fred”, 88.0), (“Fred”, 95.0), (“Fred”, 91.0), (“Wilma”, 93.0),
(“Wilma”, 95.0), (“Wilma”, 98.0))
val wilmaAndFredScores = sc.parallelize(initialScores).cache()
val scores = wilmaAndFredScores.combineByKey(createScoreCombiner, scoreCombiner,
val averagingFunction = (personScore: PersonScores) => { val (name, (numberScores,
totalScore)) = personScore (name, totalScore / numberScores)

val averageScores = scores.collectAsMap(}.map(averagingFunction)
Expected output: averageScores: scala.collection.Map[String,Double] = Map(Fred ->
91.33333333333333, Wilma -> 95.33333333333333)
Define all three required function , which are input for combineByKey method,
(createScoreCombiner, scoreCombiner, scoreMerger). And help us producing required


Hi @anandbabu

Can you paste the screenshot of what you have tried for the expected output. It would be helpful to resolve your issue.


I have not understood the scenario and I am facing issue while solving question using combiner and merger