Setup Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop on Windows using Virtual Box

We would highly recommend to setup Ubuntu as a virtual machine or dual boot and follow the instructions as per Ubuntu.

Here are the instructions to setup Ubuntu 18.02 Virtual Desktop using Virtual Box.

  • Download Virtual Box for Windows
  • Install Virtual Box on Windows
  • Setup Virtual Host
  • Download Ubuntu 18.02 Desktop ISO
  • Setup Ubuntu Virtual Machine
  • Install Guest Additions for better interoperability between Guest (Ubuntu) and Host (Windows)
  • Once Ubuntu Desktop is ready you can go back to the previous step and install sbt and IntelliJ.

[su_quote style=“modern-blue”]Why we have to setup Ubuntu when we can have IntelliJ on Windows and use it for development?[/su_quote]

Why Ubuntu Desktop?

Here are some of the reasons why we should use Ubuntu based Desktop over using Windows directly.

  • We can setup Ubuntu Desktop using Dual Boot or as a Virtual Machine. On low end machines it is better to setup Dual Boot with both Windows and Ubuntu Desktop (18.04).
  • Integration with Linux Terminal. In Windows Dos Prompt is inferior.
  • Seamless compatibility with HDFS libraries. Spark uses HDFS libraries for performing I/O, on Windows we need to setup WinUtils.
  • Availability of tools such as nc to start simple web services, which will help us in experimenting with Kafka with better examples.
  • Ability to use SSH from terminal to connect to remote servers. In case of Windows we need to have additional tools such as Putty, Cygwin etc.
  • Tools such as Spark and Kafka need not be directly compatible with Windows and we might have to spend time in figuring out work arounds.
  • No need of tools such as WinScp to copy the files. Linux environments provide tools such as scp and rsync.
  • Based on my rich experience I highly recommend to transition to Linux or Mac for developing applications. It can improve your productivity considerably.

Install Virtual Box for Windows

Let us understand how to set up Virtual Box and also create Virtual Host using Virtual Box.

  • RAM - 8 GB out of 16 GB (Recommended at least 4 GB)
  • CPU - 4. It is covered towards the end of the video (Recommended at least 2)
  • VHD - 32 GB

Setup Ubuntu Virtual Machine

Let us understand how to setup Ubuntu Desktop over the Virtual Host created by Virtual Box.

  • Download ISO image
  • Attach as Optical Drive
  • Boot the Virtual Host and setup Ubuntu Desktop
  • Once setup is done make sure to attach Guest Addons and install them in the Virtual Machine.
  • Also enable clipboard and drag and drop as part of advanced settings. You can use bi-directional to copy back and forth between Host (Windows) and Guest VM.

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