Signin problem in lab



Hi Folks,

I am unable to login in When I am going to login into the by my user name and password. It is giving permission denied.

Please help me asap.


Hi. I can not login, so I try


@Sumit_Kumar_Sahu You have the active user only on so you cant loin on


@lijun_shan You can connect big data labs on gateway since your user is only on


Thanks.But when I use cygwin to login to the : $ ssh
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out. Could you help me ? Thanks !


I can login to cygwin. Pleas check your network connectivity and firewall .



However, I can not login to it using the password copy from the web. I cannot login in using cygwin with account and password provided from web. But I can login in using web explorer with the same account and password. I am confused.


I can able to login using your credentials using cygwin.
Exit and Try again.


User able to login successfully.