Spark Issue , giving error


Hi Team,
I am getting error when I am trying to enter Spark terminal by typing spark-shell. It is either giving error or showing blank cursor.

Can you please mention the error, and also if Iam doing mistake


@Dhritiman_Banerjee Launch spark as below command:

spark-shell --conf spark.ui.port=22322 --master yarn-client spark.port.maxRetries=100


But I getting a blank cursor. Can you please tell me the problem why scala not coming.


I meant scala prompt is not coming


@Dhritiman_Banerjee Since the web console is unstable at times. We will highly recommend using any ssh client applications like putty or Cygwin on windows and terminal on Linux and Mac.


Can you please mention the host ip address and port no to be used by putty


@Dhritiman_Banerjee You can get your hostname or gateway from labs and port no is 22