Spark job not visible in resourceManagerWebUi

Hi @annapurna @itversity1 @itversity @dgadiraju @BaLu_SaI

Launching pyspark shell, but not visible in resource manager webui.
in shell:

but no visibility in webui:

Am I checking the wrong Ambari link?

Spark History Server is also not opening:

Problem persists next day morning also:

But no trace with my id(sabby5180) in the resourcemanager UI at 8:00 am:

I have tried with spark-shell, spark2-shell, pyspark, pyspark2, but not trace of my ID.

Can you please help me out. Its very urgent


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14 hours, yet not a single response.
Any help is highly appreciated.


Can anyone please help me out with this scenario @bigdata-labs-support @itversity1 @Ramesh1 .

Ambari link I am using is:

Resource Manager link is:

Gateway node I am connecting to for running Spark job:

My user is:

Really awaiting help or any response

found out the fix. Please considered it solved.


@Sabyasachi_Some if there are lab related issues please tag under bigdata-labs not under spark.

We only get email to our Helpdesk on topics created under bigdata-labs. Also you can follow up via which will also go to our Helpdesk.

thanks for the info. :slight_smile: