Spark/Scala Job Interview Questions

Spark/Scala Job Interview Questions
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For the newbies in the bigdata technologies, I will be sharing the technical questions which I know/have faced during the interviews. I hope all will contribute to the same so we all grow together which is the main moto of this discussion Forum.

Let me know if there’s any way where we can maintain the technical questions along with their answers(if possible)

Here is the shared document to add the questions:


You can create a document and share. It will be helpful


Created one and shared.


Request everyone on the Portal to share so everyone grows together :slight_smile:


Please share the link.


Have pasted in the main post above.
Is it visible for you?


I think it will be good if we have a google spreadsheet with each sheet for a skill/tool.
Then a column for questions and a column for corresponding answer or a link which gives the answer.
Any other ideas to organize questions and answers are welcome.


Yes, spreadsheet idea sounds better.
Lets wait to see if others also agree with the same :slight_smile:


Sounds good. Looking forward to see this implemented


Hi All,

Thanks Nitesh/Pranay for your effort.We are concentrating on streaming too right.



@divyadarshan1989: Yes, we all together can implement this.
@skakollu: Yes, we can add Spark Streaming as well.

@Pranaysahith @divyadarshan1989 @skakollu :
Right now, m busy with some other stuff. But, I will add more data as soon as I get time and more questions.
Can someone create a spreadsheet as suggested by Pranay so we can kick start asap?



@nitesh Can i get access to the google document, I would like to add interview questions.