Spark - scala shell



Hi I used to do practise on scala shell for spark using scala language in LAB machine.
Now I want to practise in java language for spark. Similar to scala REPL do we have anything for JAVA.
If not , please let me know which is the best way to do practise spark with JAVA in LAB machine

Note: As we don’'t have default eclipse in HDP



As of now, there is no REPL for java. You can develop the java application on your PC, create a jar file and then transfer to labs gateway node to execute in Labs.


@vinodnerella Thanks for the response. As mentioned in above thread, if we want to develop the code in local machine then we need to install spark on my local system right?. Please confirm.

Adding to above can you please help me in understanding this.

In general , how do we pull/push and maintain the code and what are mostly used repositories tools used in real time hadoop project enviroment.


Yes, we need to install spark in local system.

To maintain the code, git is recommended.