Spark-Shell Not working in labs




spark-shell is not working. I am not getting Scala prompt after executing the command. I see lot of logs after the command (lots of failure messages) and then exits. It goes back to command prompt. Can you please check.
And scala command works. When enter Scala after command prompt, I get Scala prompt.
Can you please fix this.




Again it is not working. sometimes it works and other times it does not. Can you please fix this.


Can you paste the command that you are using and the error that you are getting?



When you enter ‘scala’ command it is launching Scala REPL shell. It is not connected to spark, simple Scala interpreter. For launching this shell it doesn’t require too much resources.

But ‘spark-shell’ will launch Spark-shell with ‘Scala’ context, it requires, spark server & enough resources. There might be some issues to launch it. Please paste your error logs here. So others may help you.