Spark2 with Python3 Course


Hi there, I just wanted to know if the course on Spark2 with Python3 started? What is the Status of the course?



We have a self-paced course on Apache Spark2 with Python 3 you can check the curriculum details using the link below


Hey Sunil, I have purchased the Apache Spark 2 with Python 3 (pyspark)-93Days Lab course but I can’t access it. I don’t see any tutorials or videos when I click on the course, it just takes me to the course purchase page, I am really confused. Help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,
Mourya Kodidela



Are you accessing the course from this same URL ??

You have to hover on courses then you will get a drop-down of my-coursers click on that to access the course you were enrolled in