SparkUi Finding my job


How do i find my jobs in spark ui

for eg i pickup applicationid from pyspark shell and try to search my job in spark ui i dont find it.

spark.sql(“select partkey,sum(retailprice) from part_table group by partkey”).show(10)
|partkey| sum(retailprice)|
|1107801| 1808.75|
|1108598| 1606.5400390625|
|1109113| 1122.06005859375|
|1110074| 1084.02001953125|
|1110526| 1536.469970703125|
only showing top 10 rows


i dont find it to be visible either in
or on history jobs

Can you guys please assist.



The job usually comes little later but nothing is populated in spark ui neither the executor or dag information, this is kind of confusing.


@Sameer_Rao After launching the spark-shell(spark2) you will find a link with a port number, Paste it in the browser it will open your currently running application UI.