Sqoop export with date format "dd-mm-yy"



I have hive table with date format like “dd-mm-yyyy” , I tried to export into mysql using sqoop export i am getting the error?
how to change date format.


What error are you getting? can you share the table format in hive and mysql?
How is date column defined in the hive table? If it is string and corresponding column in mysql is say datetime then it wont allow. If you can load data in hive as timestamp which is a valid type in hive then it will resolve the issue
If not then i don’t think simple sqoop export will work. You need to do some transformation before loading data into mysql.
May be - 1. load hive data into dataframe using spark sql 2. transform the date column and load it back into hdfs/hive 3. sqoop export to load mysql table


You have to make sure that the datatypes match

You can use a query to import the data into a staging table and then export the data to main table