Sqoop jdbc url user id and password in the cca175 exam


I believe they will provide Sqoop jdbc url user id and password in the cca175 exam,
The reason I am asking this question is because I read that some folks had issues performing sqoop import and export in the exam . Please advise what steps & precautions have to be taken specifically in regards to handling sqoop questions in the exam.

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I just took the exam yesterday and sqoop works without any issues and even i was able to login into mysql without any trouble. One thing I would notify you is,you need to specify password -P option in sqoop command and enter it during runtime.



Hi Praveen,
My exam is on wednesday, need some guidance, my emailid is puneetchaturvedi139@gmail.com

Can i connect with you?


Hello Aparna/Praveen,

I wish i would have seen this post before , I took the test yesterday and will most likely fail as for 3 sqoop import/export of the questions


only this 4 fields information was provided

username- username
password- password
tablename- table1

sqoop import
–connect jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera:3306/problem1
–username username
–password password
–table table1
–fields-terminated-by ‘\t’
–target-dir /user/cloudera/problem1/solution
-m 1

so i used below sqoop statement but Sqoop throw me error saying it’s not the secure way to pass the password and use -P

I was thinking my conenct statement is incorrect
–connect jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera:3306/problem1

looks like i need to give password -P instead , can you please confirm? are they supposed to provide jdbc url?



Hi Praveen,
Many congratulations on your success!!

Can you please elaborate regarding password -P?
I generally do with
sqoop import --connect ************** --username ****** --password ******

what should I change in this?

Kindly reply.


Hello Santhosh,

Looks like your JDBC url is correct. Cloudera gives a warning ( and not error message) if Password is provided with sqoop import. Also Cloudera sends out test result with few hours of test. You should have already received result. Check your spam folder. Good luck

sqoop import
–connect jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera:3306/retail_db
–username root
–password cloudera
–num-mappers 1
–table orders
–target-dir /sqoop_import/retail_db/orders4
–fields-terminated-by “\t”


Also @praveen.raja1133 can you kindly share your exam experience, will be really helpful.


Hi Puneet,

I just posted my experience here Cleared CCA175 on June 9,2018
Please drop me a mail @ praveen.raja1133@gmail.com if you still got any. HTH.



They need not provide JDBC URL.

Apart from below information, they have to provide host name using which you can build JDBC URL. Isn’t it the case?

username- username
password- password
tablename- table1

You can check the video in the official CCA175 page. In that they have clearly mentioned the host name on which mysql is setup.


Hello Mayank,

Thanks for the response, it was not warning , its not letting me do anything further

I wish it was warning. its throwing an error



Thanks Mayank,

How do i retrieve the whatsapp link ?



I checked with one candidate who recently cleared this exam. He provided password within sqoop import command. I have been practicing on cloudera VM and it works fine for me.

If you want to discuss it further you are most welcome to join our whatsapp group. Already sent you link as private message.


Hi Aparna,
Thank you…!!
What I mean is generally Sqoop will throw you error or warning when you are running the Sqoop command using --password argument saying it’s not the secure way to pass the password (which happened to me during exam) so I gave -P instead of --password so that it prompts me to enter password in console when I try to execute the Sqoop command.

PS: You can also use --password-file argument if you want but it’s just waste of time.


oh I see… Thanks much praveen. My exam is coming week.
One more thing I wanted to know, were you able to alter the tabs during exam?
If yes, how?
(in windows we generally do alt+tab)



Sent you an email. You might want to remove your email id from this thread.


Done ,removed , but i dont have it yet in my email


Sorry Aparna, I used Mouse during exam and I prefer you also do the same to be on safer side if the shortcuts are not working.


Thank you Praveen :slight_smile: