Sqoop running in different gateway: gw01 - how to do it?



Hi @itversity @BaLu_SaI ,

i have a doubt about how to change the gateway using sqoop, if it is possible.

We can suppose we are in gw02 and we want to go to gw01.
Can i run this sqoop command? it could be a possible cca175 certification question?

sqoop import --connect "jdbc:mysql://gw01.cloudera.com/retial_db



@graschella Gw01 and Gw02 are gateways. MySQL only available on ms.itversity.com, So on Itversity labs you can only use jdbc MySQL connection with ms.itversity.com.

Please refer topic How to access MySQL in Big data labs? to know the more information about available databases and tables on Itversity labs.