String function auto fill is not occuring


Hi, I am working on 2.10.6 scala in windows 10
when i create a string variable and try to pass it to a function, the auto-fill for function name is not happening
Do I need to use any shortcut ?

scala> val x="hi"
x: String = hi

scala> x.

  •                 asInstanceOf          charAt

chars codePointAt codePointBefore
codePointCount codePoints compareTo
compareToIgnoreCase concat contains
contentEquals endsWith equalsIgnoreCase
getBytes getChars indexOf
intern isEmpty isInstanceOf
lastIndexOf length matches
offsetByCodePoints regionMatches replace
replaceAll replaceFirst split
startsWith subSequence substring
toCharArray toLowerCase toString
toUpperCase trim

scala> x.upper


When you’re working in the Scala REPL and want to see what methods are available on a class/object, we can create an instance of an object, follow that with the “.” character, and then press the [Tab] key. This process, known as “tab completion” in the REPL, gives you a preliminary list of methods that can be called on the object.

Ex:- x.[Tab]