Technology Switch to bigdata


I am planning to come up with a category which will cover all these things in very well structured manner.


I don’t want to read for certification right now. First my target is to get concept knowledge and very good hands on. Please suggest playlist.

  1. Videos to get hands-on Linux basic commands
  2. Which videos to be followed to get good grip on Hadoop, MR, hive, sqoop, flume, hbase, oozie
  3. Which videos to be followed to get good grip on spark with scala

I really need your help… I would like to have very good ‘hands on’. Rather study for certification right now.

Please guide me.

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meanwhile please have a look into below thread.


Regarding Spark & Scala, certification videos help you to understand rock basics of Spark that is API’s so whatever curriculum is required for Certification is very basics for real-time. So you can watch & learn certification videos. Once you’re comfortable with them, you can practice for notebooks & IDEs with OOPS in Spark.


Thank you so much sir…
Could we know in how many days can we expect…
People like me really need your help in changing their careers.


Dear Sir,

May I have any updates on this please.