Too many logins issue -Unable to login to labs


Hello Team,
I’m getting too many logins error.Could you please fix it.Its coming like below

gw03 login: jonnavithulasivakrishna
Too many logins for ‘jonnavithulasivakrishna’.
Permission denied


Try to login now. End the session properly using ctrl+d or exit command.


Thanks Annapurna for fixing this issue quickly.It is not giving chance for me to exit.Most of the time console is getting stuck auto closing itself.I will try to exit going forward. :slight_smile:


To resist that problem use SSH clients such as Putty or Cygwin for windows and terminal for linux.


Hello Annapurna,

Thanks for response.I tried with below details in putty on Windows machine

Hostname :
Port : 22
Connection type : SSH

It is throwing error,
Unable to open connection to “” . Host does not exist.
I mostly pratice from my office. Is it something my office IT restricted in putty or am I doing any mistake while giving details.
Kindly help.


@sivajkrishna we found no issue with your credentials for putty.

If you are unable to connect, it might be the issue with your office network.


Thanks Mohan. Its restricted here. I got to manage with itversity console.Thanks both for your patience and fixing this issue. :slight_smile: