Transition to Data Engineer - using Big Data Technologies


Have you successfully become Data Engineer and currently working in emerging technologies? Do you want to share details about your transition and role of ITVersity in it?

Please click reply and share your journey details, if you fall in one of the category:

  • MS Student who landed in full time job or contracting job
  • Mainframes professional who transitioned to be Data Engineer
  • Fresher who learnt skills from ITVersity and any difference in Data Engineer interview process etc
  • Getting certified in one or more certifications using our platform which helped in transitioning to Data Engineer
  • Any other feedback related to transition is appreciated

If possible please share your LinkedIn profile to give authenticity to your feedback.

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Hello Durga,

I would like to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful work that you have been doing. I came to know about Itversity about a year ago. The content helped me to establish a strong base in Big Data ecosystem. Eventually, I could score a Hadoop project within the organization and I was able to switch from Mainframes to Big Data; a BIG thanks to you and your content!

Today, I wrote CCA 175 exam and cleared it with 9/9. I have been recommending Itversity to all the people who not only wants to start a career in Big Data, but also to them who wants to have a strong foundation. The learning ecosystem that you have created with your content, labs and the forum is doing wonders. BIG THANKS!

Ankit Baghadia




Hi everyone,

I am Pramod Sripada, I have completed my Masters in Computer Science from Indiana University in 2017 and currently working as a Big Data SE at KPMG. I would like to write about my experience with Itversity.

As I developed interest in Big Data in the end of my first year Masters, I started following Durga sir’s Youtube videos. I was fortunate to attend the first live training sessions in June of 2016, the sessions were very knowledgeable and productive. The recording can be found at, I highly recommend anyone trying to start their career in Big Data to watch the above playlist, even though the technologies might have progressed, the concepts explained will give you a solid foundation. On top of that the sessions were free of cost for Masters students (after the initial sessions, there were many sessions in which Masters students were provided free training/training at nominal cost), this proves Itversity is giving back to the student community, helping them kickstart their careers.

I have done my CCA-175 certification 2 years ago, even though I am not sure how much it helped me in my job search, it definitely helped me cover all the concepts in Big Data in a structured format. Recently, I have seen some friends get jobs in the Big Data domain after pursuing a certification, I don’t suggest that it is a direct relation, but having a certification definitely helps and it always differentiates you from the pool of qualified candidates.

The other initiatives such as, helped me network with like minded professionals in the Big Data domain. is one of the most affordable and sophisticated Big Data Labs out there, helped me gain practical skills.

All the above have directly contributed in securing my first job at KPMG. I highly recommend everyone planning to start their career in Big Data to follow Itversity. Thanks Durga sir for providing me to opportunity to learn from you. I wish you and Itversity all the success in your future endeavors.



Hi Ankit,

Congratulations on your achievement.

Hi Durga Sir,

Would you please suggest me some good project (and where to find) to work on using Hadoop (Hive, Sqoop, spark) CCA 175 course contents so that I can work on the same and eventually will be helpful for me to add into my resume ?



Hello Everyone,

I am Ramkumar. I completed my Masters in Business Analytics in December 2017. I work as a Big Data Engineer in Denver.

I came to know about itversity in June 2017. I was preparing for big data certifications, when I came to know about itversity’s online certification training sessions in youtube. I found them really useful and the training sessions helped me in passing CCA175. I believe having the certification differentiates your profile from the rest of the applicants for a Data Engineer role.

I enrolled into Big Data Labs offered by itversity, this helped me to get a clear picture of how jobs are executed in a real world big data environment. And also the blog is one of the best big data forum out there for certifications and networking. I recommended the above resources to a lot of my friends, who found it very helpful and many of them were able to pass the certification and get a good overview of Big Data technologies.

Finally, I would like to thank Durga for such an amazing job in creating a great learning platform. I recommend itversity to anyone who is planning to start a career in Big Data.