Tunneling to cloud instance using Cygwin with Foxy proxy in Windows

We can use for any cloud instance, Here we explained for GCP. First, we have to add the port in firewall rules.

  1. Open Cygwin and run the command

ssh -i .ssh/gcp_key_bigdatacluster -D 8000 -N username@GCPPublicIP

  1. Install FoxyProxy from the Chrome App store link

  2. Configure new Proxie by Clicking on Add New Proxy

  3. Give a name in General tab and Configure like bellow in Proxy Details
    **Port number should be same as port number provided in the command above

  4. Once you configure then click on Use proxy gcp1 for all URLs
    **gcp1 is my proxy name, Replace with your proxy name


  1. Now you can access all the URLs.

It’s really helpful on accessing private instances, thanks much Balu!