Two Questions upon starting CCA 175 Course

I purchased the Labs and have two questions as my system was not working according to the CCA 175 course that I am taking in Coursera:

  1. Clicking the Console button in ITVersity Labs is leading to a Jupyter Hub and not the Terminal console, which was the case in the lecture.
  2. I tried doing SSH from my Ubuntu terminal but kept getting a wrong password error. I correctly copy/pasted from the Labs website.

Could anyone please help me resolve the issue?

Thank you

Hi @Jin_Kwon,

We change our UI for providing better user experiance with lab.In this we added some nootbooks, console and other which helps you in lot more better way.

you can find the Terminal in other section which is already login with your username.

please go through below link for better understanding to our lab

And on ubuntu terminal,
for copy the password by clicking on password button(On lab) and for pasting use ctrl+Shift+v.