Udemy Course Coupons


We are coming up with several high quality premium courses on platforms like Udemy. As of now we have several complete paid courses and few in progress.

All our content is created using realistic examples on realistic environment of large Big Data cluster. Please visit https://labs.itversity.com/products for details (sign up for 6 month lab access and get free coupon for the course of your choice, we will follow up with weekly survey)

We focus a lot on certifications. Here are some of our certification courses:

CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer

  • One month lab access
  • Exam cover several important technologies - Spark, Hive, Sqoop etc
  • Certification exam can be given using Scala or Python
  • Scenario based exam
  • Tests breadth of the skills
  • Here are the coupons
    • Click here for $39.99 coupon for CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer using Scala with 1 month lab access.
    • Click here for $39.99 coupon for CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer using Python with 6 month lab access.

Also we have courses that are not certification oriented, but showcasing development life cycle.

AWS EMR + Spark 2

  • EMR is becoming key skill in Data Engineering as it can save costs leveraging pay as you go model where there is no need of cluster running all the time
  • Understand basics of AWS and learn how to create clusters
  • We are going to cover Scala as programming language after setting up development environment
  • Understand Core Spark and Spark SQL in detail by implementing standard development life cycle
  • Submit Spark jobs on AWS EMR clusters
  • Here is the coupon
    • Click here to purchase the course for $25.

Happy learning!!!