Unable to access spark-shell from labs


Unable to access spark-shell from labs.
Found below links somewhere from previous discussion, but still not working. Kindly help.

spark-shell --master yarn --num-executors 1 --executor-memory 512M --conf spark.ui.port=shuf -i 12000-65000 -n 1

spark-shell --conf spark.ui.port=22322 spark.port.maxRetries=100 --master yarn-client


Can you paste the error that you are getting?


Hi Vinod,

I wasn’t getting any error but the console was taking me back to login screen.
Unfortunately, now I am unable to login to web console as well. Getting below error, whereas I am logged into a single browser.


gw01 login: chavvakula
_Password: _
Too many logins for ‘chavvakula’.
Permission denied

Thanks & Regards
Murali Chavvakula


@neeguy Please check now to connect big data labs.Let us know the status.