Unable to connect Mysql to Tableau online


Hi Everyone,

Iam unable to connect mysql to Tableau through connector.

Please tell what will be the username and password as my lab username and password which have been given for lab access is giving error while trying to connect to tableau


@Dhritiman_Banerjee follow the discussion How to access MySQL in Big data labs?


Can you please guide me what will be the server name , username and password if i want to connect mysql from tableau.
Since, i am getting same error

For example: as per the given link,
To use retail database

mysql -u retail_user -h ms.itversity.com 1 -p

So, what will be my servername, username and password to connect to Tableau


@Dhritiman_Banerjee Give the below details

Server name: ms.itversity.com
Username: retail_user
password: itversity