Unable to connect to lab through PUTTY



Hi Support Team,

When I am trying to connect to lab through Putty, I am getting the following access denied error

login as: harinatha
harinatha@gw01.itversity.com’s password:
Access denied
harinatha@gw01.itversity.com’s password:

I am using the following details to connect
Host name - gw01.itversity.com
Port - 22
username - harinatha

I am using mouse RIGHT click to paste the password which copied from labs.itversity.com

Can you please helm me to resolve this access denied issue.



@harinatha You not closing sessions properly that’s why you not able to login. Now you can try, You should able to login. End sessions properly after completing practice in Big data labs by exit or Ctrl+d.



Sure, I will end the aessions properly going forward.

I am still getting “Access Denied” Error when I am connecting through PUTTY

Now, I am NOT able to connect through itversity Lab Console also. I am getting error “gw03.itversity.com refused to connect.”

Can you please fix these two issues? Thanks!


@harinatha There was no issue I found to connect with putty. Please try again and Make sure while pasting password only one time by using Shift+Insert



Hi Balu,

In the udemy videos, it was said to use gw01.itversity.com as gateway node. After seeing your screen shot, I have realized that I have to use gw03.itversity.com. Now, I am able to connect to lab through PUTTY after using gw03.itversity.com gateway node.

But, I am still NOT able to connect to the lab through the lab.itversity.com console. Can you please login to my user (harinatha) and try on your end.

Appreciate your timely response and support Balu. Thanks!



No issues found with your credentials in labs.itversity.com

You spelled it as lab.itversity.com, to find your gateway after login into labs.itversity.com refer this screenshot


Now, I was able to connect to lab through Console under the labs.itversity.com

Thanks Mohan.