Unable to connect to my bigdata lab from putty

Hi team,

I have signed up today for big data labs and want to connect to it using putty, but getting error as below:

‘Server unexpetedly closed connetion’.

Username: Nishith84
hostname: gw02.itversity.com

Please check ands also check if all links are enabled for ambari, namenode etc as currenly not visible.


I do not get the last statement. What do you mean by they are not visible?


First of all unable to connect via putty the lab terminal.

Second if I go to the links and try to click nothing comes up

Please help to solve issues of connecting via putty as practising on web terminal is difficult for me, as used to working on putty.

http://gw03.itversity.com:18080/ is not responding


I am messaging since morning but my problem not resolved.

I am still unable to connect to lab via putty.

It is my first day using lab and no response from your team.

Wondering about support provided for issues…

Can you please send the screenshot of the issue you were getting while connecting with putty?

We apologize for the inconvenience. We had an issue yesterday due to malware attack and we have overwhelming number of support requests.

Please share the screenshot and @hemanthvarma will help you troubleshooting the issue. Also have you tried using web console to connect and run?

Thanks for replying.

The screenshot is attached with reply.

I can connect to web console but it is slow and depends upon internet connection.

I am more used to working on terminals via putty, so waitin for it to be up and running.

These things we can’t do much. We would recommend to setup Ubuntu using Windows Subsystem and use Ubuntu Terminal than using putty.

@hemanthvarma, please provide the reference video for setting up Ubuntu using Windows Subsystem from our YouTube channel.

please refer to this link for setting up Ubuntu using Windows Subsystem

I m able to connect via winscp and transfer files etc

but with putty or cygwin i am facing issues

can you check if there is some setting not enabled for remote connection via putty like adding in /etc/hosts file etc

also some people can connect as shared by user [chandanvarma]
can you check and clone his settings for my user profile


I have tried with putty & also in cygwin its working fine. Please send a mail to support@itversity.com. so that i can reply with the screen shots if you want.