Unable to create database in HIVE - due to permission issues

I am getting “Permission denied:” error while creating the DATABASE in HIVE. Any help is appreciated.

sqlContext.sql(“CREATE DATABASE bhavirisetti_orders”);
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
File “/usr/hdp/current/spark2-client/python/pyspark/sql/context.py”, line 353, in sql
return self.sparkSession.sql(sqlQuery)
File “/usr/hdp/current/spark2-client/python/pyspark/sql/session.py”, line 714, in sql
return DataFrame(self._jsparkSession.sql(sqlQuery), self._wrapped)
File “/usr/hdp/current/spark2-client/python/lib/py4j-0.10.6-src.zip/py4j/java_gateway.py”, line 1160, in call
File “/usr/hdp/current/spark2-client/python/pyspark/sql/utils.py”, line 69, in deco
raise AnalysisException(s.split(’: ‘, 1)[1], stackTrace)
pyspark.sql.utils.AnalysisException: u’org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.HiveException: MetaException(message:java.security.AccessControlException: Permission denied: us
er=bhavirisetti, path=“file:/home”:root:root:drwxr-xr-x);’

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