Unable to establish the flume agent


HI team,

I am studying flume just now, I am getting stuck in few of the basic logistic thing which I need help with.

  1. For running the flume, we have to define the agent which includes defining source;channel;sink. My question here is where to define these properties. As per Durga sir, we have to define in /opt/example but that is when you are having VM. I am using the itversity labs.

  2. When using telnet I am trying to send some data but source is not able to receive it.




You have always helped me, can you please help me again.


The below link should help you understand how to setup flume and telnet.

  1. We need to define the source, channel and sink in the conf file. You can create the file in a folder under your home directory also.
  2. First, run the flume service on the custom port, then do telnet on the same port.



Thanks !!

One quick question, I was talking to my friend. He mentioned that the videos in youtube presented by Durga Sir is related to old course. The course have been changed for CCA-175.

My question will be :-

  1. Is the above statement true ?
  2. If the above statement is true then what is the link of course where I can listen Durga sir for latest course syllabus.