Unable to export pipe delimited data from hdfs into mysql


sqoop export
–connect “jdbc:mysql://nn01.itversity.com/retail_export”
–username retail_dba
–password itversity
–table orders_testing
–input-fields-terminated-by ‘|’
–export-dir /user/shashankpathak/orders_testing

can anyone help me to this . what mistake i am doing in above sqoop commands

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provide us the error so that it will be easy to resolve the issue.
But, from the above table orders_testing is an empty set.


yes , i created that table to export the pipe delimited data into this …
Data is located as i mentioned in export-dir …
So it should pull the data and export into empty table which is orders_testing but it is failing everytime…
here is the screenshot


The export directory path is incorrect.

And orders_testing table datatype should same as file datatype.

For e.g:
1)Create table in mysql:
create table order_testing1(order_id int(11), order_date datetime, order_customer_id int(11), order_status varchar(45));
2) Then sqoop export command:
sqoop export --connect "jdbc:mysql://nn01.itversity.com/retail_export" --username retail_dba --password itversity --table order_testing1 --input-fields-terminated-by '|' --export-dir /user/annapurnachinta/sqoop/orders

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