Unable to LOAD DATA from hdfs://host/dir/file.txt because Impala does not have WRITE permissions on its parent directory hdfs://host/dir




Im trying to use

Load data inpath “/file.txt” into table ;

But returns the error mentioned in the topic name. When the file.txt is being created, its created by “supergroup” user instead of user “impala”.

I am using spark-submit in cluster mode to run the job.

Any thoughts from the community heads here?


So I came up with a workaround, for this. I after I created a file in hdfs. I updated its permissions to 777, before I issued LOAD DATA INPATH… command.

This brings another question, does this make data in managed table vulnerable for external access. Since the data file moved to the location in hive warehouse with permissions 777.?

Let me know your thoughts.