Unable to log in to gw02



Hello I am unable to ssh into gw02

Username is snkurasala

I am able to access gw01 by logging into labs.itversity.com and clicking on openconsole

But putty gives me an error,Can you please help


@vm109 Please share screenshot of error to understand more clear.
Try cygwin instead of putty.

Are you participant of any of our coerse. If yes please mail to support@itversity.com with payment details.



I was a participant of spark and scala course


@vm109 Every thing is fine with me. Please try again. Try with cygwin also. Let me know the status.


I am able to login now thanks for taking a look @BaLu_SaI


I just joined this lab program,

unable to login using user anilmnt82

please help me with my next steps



If you got this screen click on user icon to copy user name

after clicking on user icon you have to click on screen to paste username
you can observe cursor becomes bold,then paste username using Shift+insert
press enter and console prompts for password
same procedure for password to copy and paste onto console