Unable to login for username varunrao

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Are you getting Permission denied, too many logins issue?
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I have checked from my side everything works fine. Please check & reply if there are any further issues

facing above issue while using cygwin

I have checked with Cygwin as well, there is no issue from our side. Please check if there is any firewall restriction.

is there any reason why I see -bash-4.4 instead of my username. Do you think there is some problem with my cygwin installation?

Please check whether the web console is working or not. If it is working there might be some issue with Cygwin installation.

web console is working fine but I cant paste anything in the webconsole. so I am not able to run few sqoop queries. I have reinstalled cygwin. but facing similar issues.

Thnks. Its working now. Issue solved after starting ssh service in my laptop.