Unable to login into console after signup



I have just subscribed today to big data lab ( for 93 days plan ) and tried to logon to the console for the first time.

The user and pwd icons are not working for me ( I did copy and did Ctrl+V - Windows) . I also tried to copy paste manually and still nothing happened. Kindly help.

Username : abantikasaha


I also read some other topics and tried to do Shift+Insert after copying the password manually. It is not accepting the password. Kindly help.



Hello Abantika,
We are able to login into the server with your credentials. You can use shift + insert to paste the password. Click on the password button, then click on the black screen and check if the cursor is highlighted. then use shift + insert and press enter. Let me know if you are still facing the issue.


Hi Koushik,

I am trying the same way but it is not accepting the password.
Kindly help.

Thanks In Advance,


I could login after copy pasting the password manually today instead of using the icon. Please close the topic and thank You very much.