Unable to login through putty - first time user



Hi Team,

I have just started with the labs and tried using Putty.
When I try using Putty it gives me below message.
Please help.


@Nikhil_Rakhade Try this solution.

If you still facing the same issue install cygwin and try to connect with it


Are you behind any firewall?


I tried this solution but still facing the same issue.
Note: I tried using server: gw01.itversity.com and it is allowing to enter user id and password. But says : access denied.
I believe something is not right with gw02.itversity.com as it throws above mentioned error message.

Please help me how to fix it.



No firewall…
I am trying using my mobile data. (portable wifi).


Can we connect to your system? Sent you a personal message.