Unable to login to ambari - Error - Missing authentication token


I am a new user. user ID : prasadgb. I am able to connect to Hortonworks cluster using putty. But when logging into ambari, I get the error - Missing authentication token.

Please help.


I am connecting using http://gw02.itversity.com:8080/#/login


There is no issue to login Ambari with your credentials.

Use username and password from https://labs.itversity.com/user/lab to login Ambari. Please refer this screenshot.


I have used the same process but get a error - Missing authentication token when I try to login to Ambari. I am able to access the name node and resource manager.


Please see attached.


What is the Username and password you are trying to login Ambari. There is no issue to login, Use Username and password provided at https://labs.itversity.com/user/lab

If you are still having issue we will have a zoom session.


I am able to login today. I had tried the same earlier, but it was not working.