Unable to open logs, Getting This site can’t be reached


When I’m trying to view my complete logs getting, This site can’t be reached.

We can active this issue by creating Tunneling to the gateway

  1. Open Cygwin and run the command then It will prompt you for the password, paste the password provided in labs ssh -D 8000 -N username@gw03.itversity.com


  2. Install FoxyProxy from the Chrome App store link

  3. Configure new Proxie by Clicking on Add New Proxy

  4. Give a name in General tab and Configure like below in Proxy Details
    **Port number should be same as port number provided in the command above

  5. Once you configure then click on Use proxy gateway for all URLs
    **gateway is my proxy name, Replace with your proxy name

  6. Open new Cygwin Terminal in administrator mode to access the edit permissions to the hosts file. Update your hosts file, Below is the path taken from Cygwin.

    Windows location for hosts file is vi /cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts
    For Linux/Mac, the path to the file is /etc/hosts
    Add below lines to your hosts file wn01.itversity.com wn02.itversity.com wn03.itversity.com wn04.itversity.com wn05.itversity.com

  7. Now you can access logs URLs in the worker nodes.

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This is to simplify our support process so that we can answer technical issues as well.

Unable to view logs due to wn04.itversity.com took too long to respond
Not able to access logs - Big data lab
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