Unable to setup ODBC Connection Using Hortonworks Hive Connector



I am trying to create a ODBC Connection and trying to connect some of my reporting tools to hive to access the data. I am unable to do so. It gives me an error.


[Hortonworks][Hardy] (34) Error from server: connect() failed: errno = 10061.

The details of the connection string is given below.


You are using 64 bit odbc connector. Check your reporting tools, if it is 64bit or 32bit, sometimes even if system is 64bit and tool is 32bit then it can not connect. Try using 32bit odbc connector.


I am connecting using Tableau 9.3 64-bit software and i have installed odbc 64-Bit


I used to connect Hive to tableau with user dns. Check the port which you are using is open or it is used on your system.


Which port should i check ?
The Hadoop servers ports?
The hadoop cluster is the one provided by ITversity.


Port no 10000, which you are using on odbc connector. The port you use on odbc connector, same port you should use when you start Hive server 1 or 2 in hive for connecting. Also you can ref to administer manual of odbc connector for setup which also gets downloaded when you download odbc driver.


I have tried doing that. It still doesn’t work. Is it possible for you to have a look at my system ?


It has finally worked. Looks like i was using the wrong server details.

I got the hive server details from Ambari.


Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:


Great. All the best.


Hi, I’m still facing the same issue after trying all the steps mentioned here and many other posts in this forum, can anybody please guide or provide any advice?