Unable to use Hadoop fs in my home area lab


Hello Everyone,

I am new in the itversity forums and I am studying to take the (CCA) 175.

My question is about the hadoop fs command. In the Itversity lab home folder, i am trying to use the following command:

hadoop fs -ls /home/denniscardoso

however, I’ve got the follow error:
`/home/denniscardoso/’: No such file or directory

The same happens when I use the command hadoop fs -copyFromLocal

What Do I need to do to copy data from local file to my hdfs folder?

Thank you for advance.


@DennisCardoso For HDFS path you have use hadoop fs -ls /user/denniscardoso

/home/denniscardoso is the path of a local directory.


Thank you @annapurna! It worked very well!