Unsuccessful attempt CCA175 on 4th March 2018


Hello Friends,

I had scheduled my CCA175 exam on 4th march 2018. I was unable to attend may be due to my over thinking or precaution. I went to office on a Sunday to appear for the exam. Couple of reason why I to choose appear in office.

  • Multiple available systems (If It doesn’t work on my laptop I can choose/switch to other system).
  • We have WIFI as well as cabled network.
  • No distraction from anyone.
  • My home network may not be reliable, and doesn’t have as good speed as I have it at office.

So on 4th March 2018 at 11 AM, Just before the exam I was able to connect with the proctor. He asked to share my screen as well as my laptop camera. To my surprise I was unable to share both. I was able to see both been shared and can be viewed at my end, However proctor was unable to view both.
What we learned (may be) is on company network we cannot share the screen or camera due to antivirus. Which seems strange to me as I did share my screen several times in the past.

Proctor told me she need to mark the exam as system error and after 24hr I can reschedule it to some other dates. Will update about my exam experience once it is done later this week.

I hope this will help other folks to plan for the exam.

All the best to BIG data aspirant.


Good, Examiner was kind enough to mark it as System Error, hope you need not pay anything extra to reschedule it, in that case it is good