Unsuccessful Payment



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I am not able to purchase subscription to labs.
The server shows “Bad Gateway” while i am making the payment.
Therefore , it is not successful.What is the issue?

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@koushikmln @vinodnerella

It could be due to your card is not enabled with international payment. We are trying to fix the bug in our website. Meanwhile you can contact training@itversity.com and they will provide you the work around.


I am using Master Card for the payment.
Please notify me when the issue gets resolved , so that I can purchase the subscription to labs.


Are you trying to pay from US or India?


I am making transaction from India.


@vinodnerella please follow up with @Akshay_Kapoor and send invoice through razor pay.


Hi @Akshay_Kapoor, Sent you message. Please respond so that i can send you the Indian Invoice.