/user/<username> folder name not available


I registered for bigdata-labs today and I was assigned to gw02.itversity.com. I am trying to copy files from /data/crime to /user/prithvikambham but the folder does not exist in the system. Even /user does not exist. I have tried accessing from both the console and my terminal but doesn’t work. Am I missing some steps?


The /user will be in the HDFS. So list the folders in HDFS using
hadoop fs -ls / (or) hdfs dfs -ls /
Inside that path, you will find user folder.

If you don’t find a folder with your username inside user folder, you can create it yourself using
hadoop fs -mkdir /user/yourusername (or) hdfs dfs -mkdir /user/yourusername


Can you please paste the command what you are trying?

If you are using the same command like below and getting error, please share screenshot as well.


hadoop fs -put /data/crime /user/username


Thanks a lot. I was trying to access the file system assuming that /user is in the local file system. That clears up everything.