Validate Source Database - MySQL


Let us validate source database that will be used for learning purpose.

  • As MySQL is typically used for learning Sqoop, let us validate MySQL database.
  • We can follow same steps for any other database which will act as source.
  • Connect to MySQL Server using mysql -u retail_user -h -p. Enter password when prompted.
  • We can list databases using SHOW databases command.
  • retail_user have read only permissions on retail_db and read-write permissions on retail_export.
  • All users in MySQL server will have read only permissions on information_schema.

Here are some of the standard commands which can be used in MySQL.

  • Switch Database - USE retail_db;
  • List Tables - SHOW tables;
  • Preview Data - SELECT * FROM orders LIMIT 10;

We have other databases along with users as well in our MySQL server.

  • NYSE
  • HR