Web console lab issue

When i type commands in labs console , mouse pointer is moving to different locations.

for ex: When i type hive command , some part of command is put on hive shell and remaining part is moved to hadoop shell. i am not sure why it is moving to different shell

When i type hive command like below, attached is the screenshot i wanted to show you

Alter table partx partition(x=‘abc4’) LOCATION ‘/user/dmantena/partition_table’

Any update on the issue ?


Console may be unstable at time we highly recommend connecting big data labs from ssh tools like putty or cygwin for windows, terminal for linux & mac.

Please use command ssh yourusername@domain name
If you are using terminal & make sure that ssh is installed before this.
It will ask for permission if you are doing it for the first time.
And copy-paste your password after that.

same issue here, while i like the work around using putty or cygwin, i use console from ofc pc or laptop and putty and cygwin are no-go

We have checked log in using putty. Seems no issue. For any further queries please mail us with the screenshot of your issue to support@itversity.com

@dilipmantena the solution for your problem is to type the code in multiple lines.

For example

ALTER TABLE partx PARTITION (x='abcd')
LOCATION '/user/....'

Please let us know if it resolves the issue.