What next? 3 month subscription

I bought the 3-month subscription for Big Data labs.
But I don`t see the labs. Should I see some labs? Or I need to buy some courses additionally to Big Data labs?

Hi @Glib_Martynenko,

you can access the Labs from labs.itversity.com , After logging in the labs portal you can see your lab credentials

to connect to the labs,

  • click on the console button to open the portal.
  • click on your username to copy, And paste it in the above opened portal.
  • click on the password button to copy your lab password, And paste it in the portal.

Hi, Thank you for reply. I am able to see console, notebook etc. But where I can find the description of labs? For my understanding https://labs.itversity.com/user/console is just the portal where I can run notebooks. I expect something like:
Lab1 - here the data set, here is the description, here is the bussness case and then implementation.

Hi @Glib_Martynenko,

You will get a mail regarding a labs Onboard session, Please make sure to attend the session.

and also please join our Slack Workspace for any lab related queries in labs-support channel.