when i am using cygwin to access the gw01.itversity.com it shows access denied


$ ssh mayurshirode@gw01.itversity.com
mayurshirode@gw01.itversity.com’s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
mayurshirode@gw01.itversity.com’s password:


Yes @mayurshirode, because your user is on host gw03.itversity.com.
You can find it from link https://labs.itversity.com/lab

so use ssh mayurshirode@gw03.itversity.com


we have access of gw03 but the in lectures used gw01 so it is difficult for me to access the data and the HDFS operation


Your HDFS location is same in all gateway servers gw01, gw02 and gw03.