Whether i am having access for mysql



When i am trying to access the my sql i am getting the exception stating that Access denied for user ‘XXX’@‘localhost’ can you please, let me know what needs to be done for the access of the mysql DB.


Go through this link


Still when i am trying to access the DB it is asking for the password
And denying from the access , can you please let me know what is the password that i need to use in the enter password
i used itversity , as well as my login password, both the case the login got denied


@loganathan Use below command to connect mysql :

mysql -u hr_user -h ms.itversity.com -p
Enter password: itversity

You can get your credential from labs.itversity.com . Use Shift+Insert to copy and paste the User Id and Password.


thanks, it looks good :slight_smile: