Whoever plans to take HDPCD: please look in before you sign up -- the experience is a nightmare


Short advice: take some other ones. Like CCA 175, let you learn more.

Here is the long version.
I took the HDPCD in the early January 2018 twice. The experience is a nightmare!
First time, even I am warned by others in the forum that the window and keyboard are unmanageable, I am still shocked by the awkward experience I had to go through. The window is so small and connection lost for no reason (I have 50MBPS and never down network connection.) It is hard to move around or view the whole line. I almost gave up but managed to work for 2 hours. I am sure that I failed at that time.

After finished, I rethink the whole exam and how I failed. I felt that the material is not hard, that may be the reason they made the interface hard to test your patient, which is not stated in the objectives. I felt that if just open two windows, work from there I should pass. So I took the exam again after four days. I only opened two windows and verified all my results. I am sure I passed the exam because I verify all the results in different methods.


Hello OttoDC,

Your experience helps and congratulations on clearing it!

Planning to take the exam from 17’’ laptop. Could you please help me with the following -

  1. What did you use the 2 windows for, one for spark-shell and another for hdfs related activities like verifying the results using hdfs dfs -cat ?
  2. I’ve heard that you need to save your scripts, where do you save it - in the local shell using vi or just copy/paste the scripts, put the question number and save it in vm desktop etc ?
  3. Is it very slow ( even with 50 MBPS ) and you’ve to keep waiting for a transformation or action to run after hitting Enter?


Hi OttoDc, I had this nightmare yesterday. Cant believe that they charge 250 dollars to provide such an environment.

Btw, how was the second exam compared to the first one? Did you get entirely new set of questions?


Hi Ram,

When you are planning to take the exam again?

Phani kumar


Hi All,

Due to technical issues during the HDPCD or HDPCD Spark exam , does any one got option from Hortonworks to re-take the exam?

I got the option to re-take the exam.

Phani Kumar