Write access on Itversity Lab



I am using the Itversity lab for practicing for CCA175.

I am doing practice questions currently. However, I am finding that I am unable to INSERT rows into any table on retail_db, as shown here:

mysql> INSERT INTO departments VALUES (10, ‘physics’),(11,‘Chemistry’),(12,‘Maths’),(13, ‘Science’),(14, ‘Engineering’);
ERROR 1142 (42000): INSERT command denied to user ‘retail_user’@‘gw02.itversity.com’ for table ‘departments’

Do we not have write access to this database on the lab, and if so, what databases do we have write access too?

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There are respective permissions for each database, for example, retail_db has read-only permissions and retail_export has write permissions


Thank you.

I am working on questions like the following:

You have been given following mysql database details as well as other info.

jdbc URL = jdbc:mysql://quickstart:3306/retail_db
Please accomplish following.

  1. Import departments table in a directory called departments.

As you can see, refer to “cloudera” and “quickstart” and have instructions to insert new rows, etc.

This may be a stupid question, but should i work with retail_export for questions which require write access then and ignore references like “cloudera” and “quickstart” ?

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