About Spark Certification

I am planning to write the spark certification with python. Can any one tell what kind of questions will get from topic wise.
That too in recent certification they included the streaming also.if any body has recently taken the exam please let me know how many questions get from that streaming.

Hi Chandrasekhar,

I wanted to check about whether you have taken the spark certification yet?

I would like to connect with you anyway as I am looking for answers to below questions.

  • Type of cluster
  • How to save result / scripts
  • Streaming Question are being asked?If yes how to solve them , how data is read from stream, type of stream etc.
  • Type of questions
  • Number of questions
  • Do they specifically ask to solve using RDD/Dataframe or SQL?
  • What happens if internet connection snaps for few seconds?
  • I have a 13inch laptop will I have issues if I take exam on it?
  • Any other information that you may think is important and would help.

I have recently started to prepare for the exam and looking for some answers any help or answers to my questions will be very helpful to me.

If you are fine then we can connect on phone , I can give you a call or if you want then you can call me on 9643350053.

Shailaditya Jadon