About the Product Ideas category

If you are group of passionate IT professionals and want to implement ideas we have or come up with your own ideas, let us put on this forum under this category. We will prioritize and start implementing those.

Each idea can be a topic to begin with. If idea is transitioned from conceptualization to implementation phase we can create sub category by limiting access to only relevant folks.

Here are some of the ideas, I have

  • Community LMS
  • A sophisticated app for donors (mainly mobile complemented by website)
  • Our Constituency
  • Conduct technology tests to evaluate candidates - both scenario based as well as objective
  • A portal for internships across the globe
  • Stackoverflow type of discussion forum
  • Online tutoring supported by sophisticated and periodic evaluation process
  • Book donation app
  • Customer’s feedback
  • Run for cause

if you have any ideas, we will be glad to do technical review, provide infrastructure and technology mentorship.

Ideal team size should be 4 to 8 folks with application and mobile development at least half of them have confidence in application as well as mobile development.