Anyone planning to write cloudera certification - Hadoop and Spark


I’m currently half way through my preparation. Anyone planning to write certification in the coming week ?

@Pruthvi_Konda not in coming week, but in the month of December. May i know the reason?

Just wanted to ask about how many questions came from what topics, etc. Hence, I asked.

me too. Any tips and suggestions are appreciated.

Any idea how important is Flume in terms of certification perspective ?

Yes, @pramodvspk is right, we need to concentrate on the whole syllabus that is scoped for exam. You can get Tips as below:

  1. Practice very well all the concepts and the videos in the playlist.
  2. Time management is key.

@Pruthvi_Konda every topic mentioned in the syllabus is important. No one can comment on the importance of induvidual topic.

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oooh. ok. I was not saying I won’t prepare :smile: I worked on Flume :slight_smile:

Actually no one is allowed to discuss about certification questions, this is one of the terms & conditions as part of certification. :smiley: Its great to know that you have worked on Flume. Please post some interesting concepts in this forum, it helps others to learn something about flume about Flume real time implementation.

Which playlist should be referred to , for studying the material for the Certification ? I am planning to give the certification in July. Any help would be appreciated.

I am planning to write certification in next month.